Thursday, May 8, 2008

the sickest species

Haven't posted anything for awhile because I just didn't feel like it. Sometimes you just got nothing to say; especially when disaster strikes on a massive scale and those affected are denied aid because of their rulers' political agenda. At such times the depravity of humans seems to know no bounds.

Thinkers debate what it is that makes us uniquely human and sets us apart from all the other sentient lifeforms: Our tool-making ability? The use of language?
Our capacity to reason? Sometimes I think it's our limitless cruelty.

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Andrew Lawlor said...

In relation to disaster and a lack of aid, you would have loved the comment I came accross on Sky News last night. A lady from Durham ( I can't recall her name) was very concerned about the plight of bears in Sichuan provence. These bears are apparently held captive (farmed?) so that their captors (farmers?) can harvest their bile. Anyway, this pargon of charity was determined thay she would not be donating any money to the cruel, bear taunting humans who share the portion of the Earth's surface we humans call Sichuan with the poor, captive bears. No, she would be giving her hard earned cash to the first charity she could find which would rush to China and save the bears! I am not a vindictive person but it would give me a certain perverted pleasure to see a five storey building fall on that gobshites head.

Icidentely, not blogging for a while is no big deal. As a guy said on Fanning last night 'If cats could talk, they wouldn't'