Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Recession, everyone! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Wow! long time no posting. So what's happened since September? I went to the Fatherland, had a great time and come back to a country in the (even more) shit. No surprises there, then. Especially when you consider we have a Prime Minister who can barely speak English, a Health Minister who's morbidly obese, a Finance Minister who proclaims an ignorance of basic economics and a Deputy Prime Minister who didn't even know how many EU commisioners member states had. And that is how I know, without even having to listen to a single economist, that we are fucked.

OK, negativity and rant over. Had a great time at Cormac and Paul's last gig - they're playing the Whisky in Cork Thursday 18th Dec, so be there, if you can, for a rocking night. Their myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/blackriveraffair. Had a lovely weekend surfing down in Cork last weekend, first one of the winter, bloody freezing but magic, great soul food. I'm busy at the moment with a project, and then I'm back to the Fatherland for Weihnachten. OK, got to start building the Christmas cake I stupidly agreed to - Its a massive job - three days to construct a cake - the Petronas Towers went up faster.